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Nubian Goat Information

Dairy Products from Nubian Goats

Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream... Virtually anything cows can do, Goats can do better! While Goats milk is generally known to be quite fatty that doesn't mean it will make you fat! I was raised on unpasteurized goats milk since about the age of 6 or so and I still drink it with my cereal to this day!!

People with allergies to cows milk who think they are lactose intolerant should give goats milk a try. There are several reasons for this. Goats are not injected with ridiculous amounts of genetic modifiers, growth hormones, or given genetically modified feed. Plain and simple, they are SAFE. Since I've stopped drinking unpasteurized goats milk (it's illegal to commercially sell in Canada) I've noticed I've had a lot more digestive problems with foods I never used to. The reason is unpasteurized milk has pro-biotic germs in it that help your body digest things. They are naturally occurring bacteria that most people generate on their own. This is why Pro-biotic yogurt is marketed as such a healthy food choice. Its good for you and you lose all those nutrients when you pasteurize things! Even pasteurized goats milk is a far cry better than commercially available cows milk despite the higher fat content. If you're reading this I probably don't have to sell you on the whole goats milk thing anyway so I'll stop now.

Goat cheese is another delicacy that is often the product of Nubian goats. To look at it's not much different from normal cheese (depending on who made it hehe) but the taste is much more like feta. It goes great on Salads, pizza, and pretty much anything else. There are various kinds available and they are all worth trying. I'm sure there's a lot more to this topic but nothing that is drastically different from the other kinds of cheeses available. Just try it out, see if you like it!

Heaven forbid we forget ice cream... oops I mean Gelato! Whats the difference? Gelato sounds fancier so the ice cream producers get to charge 200% more! ahaha.. okay okay, there are subtle differences but in the end its cold, it tastes good, comes in a variety of flavors and comes from goats what more is there to know?

Nubian Goats as a food source

Vegans look away now! I have to cover it because goats are a staple food source in many countries out side of Canada and thanks to our multi-cultural roots it's consumed in many places here as well! While goat meat doesn't generally suite the taste of most westerners its one of the most widely consumed meats in the world! The Italians call it "capretto" which means "kid goat". Think veil and you shouldn't be too far off. Being so widely popular there are many ways goat meat is served and wide variety of delicacies that use it.

Pets, farms, and Businesses

Goats make great pets, they also go great on farms, and believe it or not they can generate a lot of revenue. Certain breeds fetch different prices, but purebred Nubian goat kids with good pedigree's can fetch hundreds of dollars and Multi-grand national Nubians are worth well over a thousand dollars. Breeders, diary farmers, and hobby farm show enthusiasts all seem to find a way to make money of these versatile animals.
A Diary Goat farm is usually made up entirely of Nubian and or Saanen goats. They are the biggest milk producers and are easily kept. These commercial farms can generate huge revenue with a lot less overhead requirements than cow based dairies because of the smaller space and feed needs. It's really a win-win situation and its proving to be a major growth industry because of it!
Nubian Goat shows are held nationwide and hold extreme value within its own community. These shows determine the best of the best for breading and diary production.

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